Monday, February 9, 2009

Pinnacle via Turnback

Last Sunday we hiked the Pinnacle trail by way of the Turnback trail. This will be the first leg of our upcoming peak to peak hike which will take place this Spring. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day: Sunny, 74 degree weather.

Congratulations to Jennifer, our newest hiker. You did a great job! (Thanks for the great pics Jen!)

Many thanks go out to Monica for cheering Jennifer on and getting her up the mountain, one sip of water at a time ;-). We look forward to you helping many more of our new hikers.

Thanks Brian for helping with the Blog. You are a true Soldier!

Let's not forget about Darryl! Thanks for keeping us all motivated to get to the top! We're gonna try harder next time to keep up!!

Kristin & Constance: We missed you! And to all other MIA GGB Hikers, we hope to see you back soon.

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